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Jornada Anual 2012 – Una mirada sin fronteras


It will be held by Argentine Federation of Friends of Museums, the Jornada Anual 2012 on November 23.

You are invited!
Don’t forget to do your registration!




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Young friends of Art Museums Germany



In August 2012, “Young friends of Art Museums Germany” organized a successful symposium in Kassel, titled “How to make Young Friends.”
More than 50 participants took part as representatives of their Young Friends groups. For the first time, interested Young Friends from other cultural institutions, such as theaters and operas, were also invited. The principle of the “Young Friends” has even caught on abroad, so we have recently also been exchanging ideas internationally.

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7th Meeting of Paulista’s Foundation

On 24 October, will happen the 7th Meeting of Paulista’s Foundation, in CIEE Sociocultural Space, located in São Paulo, Brazil.
The meeting aims to discuss the problems facing the third sector, as result for contribute to the improved performance of the nonprofit organizations in Brazil.
Entries can be submitted until October 22!


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Association of Friends of Museums Zorilla – Uruguay

The Association of Friends of Museums Zorilla and Itaú Foundation presents a retrospective of Cecilia Brugnini “La trama de una vida.”
The exhibition will remain open from 10 October to 3 November.

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