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Yoko Ono’s eightieth birthday in Schirn


Yoko Ono is one of the most influential and known artists of our time. And, to celebrate the eightieth birthday, the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt launched an extensive retrospective about her life. The exhibition takes a particularly close look at Ono’s works from the sixties and seventies, including her influence on Fluxus, Concept Art, Performance, Environments, film, music, her work for peace, and her role in pioneering those groundbreaking ideas.

The friends of Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt are associated of German Federation of Friends of Museums of Fine Arts (GFFM) that is a member of WFFM. Click here and look more about their job.

The retrospective will be exposed until May 12. Watch the video and know more about the exhibition!


Let’s celebrate Renoir birthday


Renoir was born in 25 February 1841 in the Limoges City – France. He started studying paint at 21 years old when got into the École des Beaux-Arts, in Paris. Having classes he could develop techniques and make a lot of friends which were his “partners” of all his artistic adventures, like Alfred Sisley, Monet e Bazille.

From 1870 to 1883 was his impressionistic period when he painted and expose many of works which show principally the urban life, like “A Waitress at Duval’s Restaurant”, “Two Young Girls at the Piano”, “Madame Georges Charpentier” and others. His works are in the museums around the world: the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York, Louvre Museum, in Paris, and many others.

ImageL’avant-scéne -1874

Last week to visit Carlos Cruz-Diez’s exposition


This is the last week to visit “Carlos Cruz-Diez: El color en el espacio y en el tiempo”, in University Museum of Contemporary Art of Mexico. The exposition is composed of 120 works that had been made by Carlos Cruz-Diez since 1940. The main idea is to show how the colors change along the time and how the visitors are responsible for those changes.

The University Museum of Contemporary Art of Mexico is a member of the Mexican Federation of Associations of Friends of Museums (FEMAM). Let’s look their website and see how the friends could help the museums!

GAMNAA promotes travel to New York

ImagemThe friend’s association of Ancient Art National Museum of Lisboa (GAMNAA – Grupo dos Amigos do Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga de Lisboa) is promoting a cultural travel to New York – USA. It’ll happen from May 7 to May 13 and the travelers would have the opportunity to know the most famous NY’s museums.

During the trip all members of GAMNAA will participate in a guided tour to “Piero della Francesca in América” exposition, in Frick Collection. One of the attractions is “Santo Agostinho”, an Ancient Art National Museum’s work of art. Furthermore the travelers will go to Metropolitan Museum and others famous museums.

So, what are you waiting to become a member of GAMNAA? Click here to have more information about the travel and see the advantages to be a friend of Ancient Art National Museum of Lisboa!

Do you wanna a funny afternoon with your grandchildren?


The Friend’s Associations work to develop and promote museum’s activities and get together with their public. For example: the Friend’s Association of Bellas Arts National Museum (Asociación Amigos del Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes – AAMNBA) wants to proximate the children and their grandparents to enjoy the museum in a funny way.

The propose of “Contame tu obra y pintemos” is get a free afternoon in the Bellas Arts National Museum where they could create a history and its plastic representation together. The activity will be conducted by Sol Ganim, Bachelor of Visual Arts, and is going to happen from 4pm to 6:30pm in 02/19. So, give wings to the imagination and let’s enjoy an artistic afternoon with your grandchildren!


The Friend’s Association of Bellas Arts National Museum is member of the Argentine Federation of Friends of Museums (FADAM) that is an active member of WFFM!

Have you ever thought about being a friend of museum?



There are a lot of things that the Friends of Museums could do to help the culture and art. For example, the Friends of Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris give their contribution participating in the collection’s development, supporting financially de museum’s activities and promoting the museum‘s operations.

Click the image and look how many interesting things they have already done to the modern art in Paris! Have you ever thought about being a friend of museum?


February is full of activities in the Israel Museum

Did you khow that WFFM’s head office is located in Israel Museum? And did you khow that in February there are a lot of activities for the cultures fans in the museum. So, let’s look the newsletter and choose the best program for you!


Click here: