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FADAM promotes the Contest 2013 “Un pueblo, un barrio, su historia”


That the conservation of cultural heritage is important, everyone knows. But what are you and the entities that you participate are doing about it?

The Argentine Federations of Friends of Museums (FADAM) and Galicia Bank are promoting the Contest 2013 “Un pueblo, un barrio, su historia” – A village, a neighborhood, its history. FADAM has organized it since 1993 and the main idea is bring together the students and their teacher to understand de importance of cultural heritage. This year they will talk about the relations between the villages, neighborhood, the school and social life.

To know more about the Contest, click here and access the FADAM’s website. This one good example of how conserve the city’s cultural heritage and put it in the hands of the future of the world, our children!


Feambra promotes the Writing Workshop


The Brazilian Federation of Friends of Museums (Feambra) is innovating in the culture field and, in April, will launch the first Writing Workshop: “the Oficina da Escrita Possível”. The main idea is to demonstrate, based in techniques, that everybody can write a good text and develop a line of reasoning in the productions.

The workshop will be taught by Antônio Mafra, a Brazilian journalist and teacher. Let’s look his interview to know more about the workshop and what will be covered. That initiative wants to bring the community closer to the Federation and show what Friends can do to the culture. Enjoy it!


Héctor García. Visualidades Inesperadas

5f9f10afaf586341268536baf8d4dd6e_int470Héctor Garcia was a photographer who worked most of his life taking pictures of important events in Mexico. Always walking behind the facts, Héctor could follow social movements, political tensions, the urban and country life and many others scenes. Until April 7th the Museum of Modern Art, in Mexico City, are exhibiting Garcia’s pictures in one way to tell the visitors more about the History of Mexico by his lenses.

Héctor García. Visualidades Inesperadas – Museum of Modern Art
Adress: Paseo de la Reforma y Gandhi s/n Bosque de Chapultepec Ciudad de México
Date: Until 7th April
Time: from Tuesday to Sunday, 10:15 am to 5:30 pm

The Friends of Museum of Modern Art are an active and non-profitable association that helps the museum providing cultural knowledge, human and financial recourses and much more. Access the site to know more about their job. Enjoy it!

African art in Lyon – France


Until May 15th the Musée Africain de Lyon is going to honor Cyprien Tokoudagba, one of the most important Benim’s artists, who had participated in the famous exhibition “Les Magiciens de la Terre au Centre Pompidou” in Paris, in 1989. The Cyprien Tokoudagba’s exhibition, called “Atelier Tokoudagba”, shows 20 paints and some sculptures about Gods and Kings presented in the Benim’s cosmogony. Check the information!

Atelier Tokoudagba
Musée Africain de Lyon
Date: from 12th January to 5th May
Adress: 150, cours Gambetta 69361 LYON

The Musée Africain de Lyon is associated of French Federation of Societies of Friends of Museums (FFSAM), and it is an active member of World Federation of Friends of Museums (WFFM). Access the site to know more information about FFSAM.

57th Manuel Belgrano Plastic Art Salon

ImageThis is the last week before the begin of the Manuel Belgrano Plastic Art Salon, one of the most important argentine art award. The event wants to recognize, encourage and disseminate the art around the country and it is exactly what Manuel Belgrano did when he founded the first art school in Argentine, in 1955. He wanted to develop the art subject and possible artists in the country and, because of that, the award received the name of this important man.

The Salon is going to happen in three steps, when each of them will show different kind of works and awards. The first inauguration will start in March 23, at 12 am. After that, the visitors could walk to know the space and art. Check the dates and the time:

  • From March 23 to April 7
    “Grabado, Monocopia y obras premiadas en todas las disciplinas”
  • From April 13 to April 28
    “Dibujo, Escultura y obras premiadas en todas las disciplinas”
  • From May 4 to May 19
    “Pintura y obras premiadas en todas las disciplinas”

Let’s visit the 57th Manuel Belgrano Plastic Art Salon to know the best of the contemporaneous argentine art!

Eduardo Sívori Museum
Infanta Isabel 555 Avenue – Buenos Aires – Argentine
Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thusrday and Friday, from 12 am to 8 pm. Saturday and Sunday, from 10 am to 8 pm.

FADAM promotes the course “Técnicas de Montaje y Enmarcado Museológico”

The Argentine Federation of Friends of Museums is providing the course “Técnicas de Montaje y Enmarcado Museológico”. Its objective is to provide non-invasive techniques and how the importance of mounting and framing influence the conservation of paper work. Let’s look the image below to know more information!


The Friends of Bowes Museum: a wonderful history!


Many years ago a group of cultural enthusiastic decided to get together and save a famous museum of its possible closure. This is just the begin of a history about the Friends of The Bowes Museum, UK.

During the war time, the Bowes Museum suffered a lot of damages which were necessary make repairs everywhere, decreasing the visitation and bringing the possibility of a closure. Because of it a group of people who loved the cultural space decided to organize a kind of fund-raising events in the region to help the museum.

After that, in the end of 1949 when the group was established as a society named the Friends of The Bowes Museum its activities had grown and the members started to help the institution either with financial donations, publicity and volunteers works.

Today the Friends of The Bowes Museum continue to thrive and now have over 2,000 members. Let’s look their website and know the exhibitions, collections, the space and café. Many of their ventures were possible because of the friend’s action!

Feambra supports the 11ª Brazilian’s Week of Museums


The Brazilian Federation of Friends of Museums (Feambra) is already preparing the celebration for the International Museum’s Day, May 18. Between 13 and 19 May the Brazilians museums are going to participate at the Eleventh National Week of Museums, when the cultural institutions organize different activities and exhibition to celebrate that special date.

The Week is organized by Brazilian Institute of Museums (Ibram) and this year the theme is going to be “Museums (Memory + Creativity) = Social Change”. Feambra supports that initiative which helps to grow the popularity of museums. Stay tuned at Feambra’s site to follow and enjoy the programming.

International Women’s Day


Today the entire world is celebrating the International Women’s Day. And, to honor all the women who are always looking for more space in the society, who are each day stronger in their professional life and, without lose the charm, are always delighting husbands, sons, parents with their beauty, the WFFM wish a Happy International Women’s day!

During many time the women fought for more equitable rights, for voting right and against the prejudice of the society. And many of those events and moves were landmarks that are registered in the International Museum of Women. In that special date we invite you to access the museum’s site and know some interesting cases and stories about these heroines!

Happy birthday Michelangelo!


Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni was born on March 6, 1475, in Capese – Italy. He was one of the most important artists of his time and worked as painter, sculptor, poet, architect and engineer.

Along the artistic life he developed the works in Florence and Rome, where Medici family of Florence lived, during the transition from The Renaissance to Mannerism. He had influence of the Classical Antiquity and was used to represent the human traits specially the male nude.

A lot of his creations are among the most known occidental arts, as Baco, Pietà, David, The Last Judgment on the altar wall of the Sistine Chapel and many others. Let’s celebrate the Michelangelo’s day!