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Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Juan Patricio Morlete Ruiz works

LACMA layoffs amid plenty

In 2007 the Los Angeles County Museum of Art received six paintings by the Mexican painter Juan Patricio Morlete Ruiz (1713–1781). This group of paintings is part of an original series of fifteen pictures produced by Claude-Joseph Vernet.

Along those years the museum’s departments of Latin American Art and Paintings Conservation have worked to restore the works. All the careful technical examination also yielded much information about the artist’s technique and use of pigments.

Watch the video to know more about the paintings and the restore process!


Another day of work in National Museum of Korea


In the third day of Council and General Assembly, in Seoul, the participants are having many work meetings and knowing the beauty of the City either. The most of assemblies were happening in Nation Museum of Korea, one of the most important in the country.

The museum reopened in 2005 when had been transferred to Yongsan, on a site of 307,227 m2 (building area: 45,438 m2). In the first three days the National Museum attracted more than 100,000 people and in 2009 were ranked as the highest attendance figure in Asia and 10th worldwide (according to the Art Newspaper).

The Korean Federation of Friends of Museums is located in the National Museum of Korean, where the members are always in contact with the institution and engaged in the revitalization of Friends of Museums in Asia. Access their site to know more about the History and to check the currently exhibition and activities in the museum!

513 years ago…


513 years ago Pedro Álvares Cabral was having an important universal discovery. After a lot of time traveling in the sea, he and his crew found an unknown land, which they called Pascoal Hill and that sometime after became what we call Brazil.

To honor that important fact, the Discovery Museum, in Belmonte, expose all the New World Discoveries. The city has been chosen because it is where Cabral was born and in Belmonte has started the travel to know many parts of the new world.

Visit the museum and know more about the History and the Portuguese discoveries!

Exhibition “Siria, ellos y nosotros” in Albacete Museum


In the Spring of 2005, the Friends Association of Albacete Museum – Spain – organized a travel to Syria and there the visitors could know all of their beauty and reality. Today the Association presents the photo exhibition “Siria, ellos y nosotros” to show the passage of its members in the country, the hard reality of the citizens and the touristic places.

All the photos are for sale and the money will go to refugee camp in Syria. Visit the exhibition to know more about the Syrian’s life and how to help the refugees. For more information access

“Siria, ellos y nosotros” – Albacete Museum
Adress: Parque de Abelardo Sánchez, s/n
Place: Samuel de los Santos exhibition room
Date: until May 12th

Alexander, the Great – 2000 years of Treasure


If you haven’t gone to the biggest exhibition of classic antiquity in Australia, you should run to Australian Museum! “Alexander, the Great – 2000 years of Treasure” is the largest collection of treasures which came from State Hermitage in St Petersburg, Russia. With more than 400 objects, it is a travel to the past, spanning a period of almost 2500 years.

Enjoy the exhibition and tell us what you thought about the collection!

Alexander, the Great – 2000 years of Treasure – Australian Museum
Adress: 6 College St, East Sydney NSW 2010, Austrália
Date: 24 November 2012 to 28 April 2013
Time: 9:30 am to 5 pm

Rijksmuseum’s opening


April 13th was a historical day for Dutch. After ten years of rebuilding, renovation and restoration, the Rijksmuseum has opened its doors again.

During that time the museum has made a complete transformation of both its buildings. Furthermore, the presentation of the Rijksmuseum’s world-famous collection is also new. Now the visitor could follow a chronological journey, where they would know more than 8,000 objects which tell the story of 800 years of Dutch art and history.

And all those news needed a very good restart. The most important masterpiece in the museum – The Night Watch – was used as a marketing strategy to disclose the Rijksmuseum opening. Let’s watch the video and enjoy the most important Dutch museum!

The Art Newspaper published the most visited exhibitions in 2012

The Art Newspaper ranked the top visited exhibitions in 2012, divided in different segment: modern and impressionist art, photography, contemporary art, antique, decorative arts, among other. Have you visited some of those? Check the list:

Thematic exhibition: The Amazon: Cycles of Modernity – Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, in Rio de Janeiro. It received 7,928 visitors per Day (total: 374,876);


Modern and Impressionist Art: De Kooning: a Retrospective – Museum of Modern Art, in New York. It received 6,218 visitors per Day (total: 696,362);


Photography: Little Black Jacket – Saatchi Gallery, in London. It received 6,716 visitors per Day (total: 161,176). And the exhibition Cindy Sherman – Museum of Modern Art , in New York received 5,660 visitors per Day (total: 605,586);


Contemporary Art: David Hockney RA: a Bigger Picture – Royal Academy of Arts, in London. It received 7,512 visitors per Day (total: 600,989);


Great Masters and Masterpieces: Masterpieces from the Mauritshuis – Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. It received 10,573 visitors per Day (total: 758,266);


Architecture and Design: Santiago Calatrava: the Quest for Movement – State Hermitage Museum, in São Petersburgo. It received 5,217 visitors per Day (total: 430,000);


40 years without Picasso

In April 8th 1973, the world was saying goodbye to one of the most important painters of a generation: Pablo Picasso. Let’s appreciate some of tributes made by contemporary artists to the master!


Ariel Fajtlowicz




Daniel Gnattali



The International Day for the Fight Against Cancer

ImageApril 8th is the International Day for the Fight Against Cancer. Did you know the cancer is a disease that kills more worldwide? Although the numbers are so big yet, a lot of researches are being conducted around the world to find the cancer’s cure. What do you think to know more about that?

The exhibition “Cancer”, in Deutsches Museum, provides information on how cancer comes about, how it spreads in the human body, and how modern cancer therapy treats the disease. It points out risk factors and preventive measures. Thus, it shows how you can reduce your personal cancer risk. Enjoy it!

Deutsches Museum
Adress: Auseumsinsel 1 – 80538 München
Phone: +49/89/2179-1

Comisión de Amigos del Museo Zorrilla


The Friends of Museums are always helping the entities in a way to preserve the culture and the cultural heritage. The Friends Committee of Zorrilla Museum was founded in 1995 when some people who lived in Punta Carretas observed that the home where Zorrilal had lived was in a bad condition.

Because of that they decided to found the non-profitable association and their first job was the home’s restoration. Over the years the Committee’s activities grew up and the members started to organize events, workshops and other things to keep the museum in action. In 1999 had happened the first exhibition – El escultor visita al poeta – which had Zorrilla’s works. And, after that, every year the museum receives greats masters of art and a lot of books for its collection.

The Friends Committee of Zorrilla Museum is an associate member’s representative of WFFM.  Let’s access their site to know more about their History and what is happening there!