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Pareidolia in art works!


Have you heard about Pareidolia?  Pareidolia is a skill of our brain to recognize human faces in other objects, for example clouds, cars, even in art works.

In some cases the intention is really camouflage a human face to transmit a message. But in other situations those faces appear without been called. Have you ever been in front of an art work like that? Share with us your experiences!

European paintings get back its real space


Who will visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s could see the European paintings been exhibited in their own space: The Met’s Old Masters galleries. After sometime using the space to other kind of art, nowadays the old works will return to the place they deserve, according the publish in The Art Newspaper. The rooms are going to be opened on 23 May and the visitors will experience a collection transformed and refreshed, the result of two years of expansion and rethinking.

WFFM Luigi Bossi Scholarships


WFFM Luigi Bossi Scholarships are offered a scholarship to assist with the cost of attendance at the XVth WFFM International Congress in Berlin. Preference will be given to the countries which don’t have a big tradition in the Friends culture.

To participate the candidate should follow some rules and complete the forms which are available in WFFM’s site. Scholarships may be given for up to 100% of conference fees, cost of accommodation selected by WFFM, daily living expenses and travel, subject to a maximum scholarship of Euro 1,700.

And the eligible people are:

  • Individuals participating in Friends of Museum organizations or in related areas of voluntary work;
  • Individuals working in museums or in the community who are interested in establishing Friends of Museum groups or in strengthening existing Friends of Museum groups;
  • Individual volunteers who contribute to the work of Friends of Museums.

For more information, please contact:
WFFM Secretariat – Ms Judith Amselem
c/o. the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
P.O.Box 71117
Jerusalem 91710
Tel. +972 2 6708861
Fax +972 2 6708993 – E-mail:

International Museum Day Celebration I


The museums around the world are already celebrating the International Museum Day. Georgia Museum of Art, Athens, will join the celebration in a Saturday Tour at two permanent exhibitions. Docent Ruthann Walton will lead the tour, which will focus on art and social change. There also will be a scavenger hunt in the galleries focusing on the same theme.

Along the week the museum is going to hold several events which will talk about the theme chosen by International Council of Museum (ICOM): Museums (creativity + memory) = social change. Access the site to know more information about program!

Doors opened to the visitors!


To attend the demand, two of the most important New York museums will open seven days a week. From that month MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) and Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) will be able to receive visitors all of days during the week.

According the entities, as the number of visitors has grown year by year, they needed to take a decision and keep their doors opened every day. In 2011 they had already done a pilot, not closing the doors, during de summer and spring vacations.

The only days they will not open will be in the Thanksgiving holyday and at Christmas. Otherwise, the citizens and tourists will be free to appreciate the museum and its exhibition!

Facebook WFFM 100 likes!


Since WFFM have started in the Social Media, it’s progress could be seen in the access numbers and in the growth of people interacting with the World Federation in those platforms.

Following the communication trends, WFFM decided to develop the profiles in Facebook and WordPress in a goal to stay near its public and the people interested in art and culture. In that opportunity, during the Council Meeting and General Assembly in São Paulo, 2012, Camila Leoni Nascimento, Executive-Director of Feambra, was chose to be responsible of WFFM’s Social Media department.

Coordinated by Camila, the Brazilian Federation of Friends of Museums developed the channels and has been updating the contents in Facebook and WordPress, always publishing news about the museums, its Federations and curiosities about the artistic environment.

If you like and want to be updated about the museums actions around the world, sign WFFM’s blog, enjoy the Facebook Page and talk to us! Your voice is important and those channels are made by you. So, send your information to and contribute to make the communication better to all of us!

Check the WFFM fanpage in Facebook!

Charlotte Perriand and the Japan


This is the last month to visit the exhibition “Charlotte Perriand et le Japon”, in Musée D’Art Moderne Saint-Étienne Métropole. It shows the exchanges that Charlotte Perriand – the first French female designer – had had with the land of rising sun and vice versa.

Invited by the Japanese Ministry of Commerce, in 1940, after they had gotten into the war, Charlotte went to Japan and, walking around the country, had discovered artisanal techniques and artifacts. She took photographs by herself throughout her peregrinations and collected Tom Haar’s or others made by documentary photographers, in order to nourish her reflection on precise points: treatment of space, light and shade and others.

The visitants could know the works which were developed by Charlotte during this time. The exhibition will be in the museum until May 26th. Visit their site to know more information about dates and time.

International Museum Day is coming!


The International Museum Day is arriving and the countries already are preparing special activities to celebrate the May 18th. Every year since 1977 the International Council of Museum (ICOM) have organized this day, which is an occasion to raise awareness on how important museums are in the development of society.

In Brazil, the Brazilian Institute of Museums (Ibram) and Brazilian Federation of Friend of Museums (Feambra) are helping to promote the actions developed for the National Week of Museums. It is going to be a lot of cultural activities, like art workshops, guide visit to different exhibitions and others!

Share the culture!