Arquivo mensal: junho 2013

Vedova Plurimo in Museo Correr


Museo Correr is one of the most important museums of Venice – Italy. Located in front of San Marco square, the space bring together a lot of historical moments since the Napoleon time and many other cases.

Until October, the museum will receive the exhibition “Vedova Plurimo”. The main idea is revive some of great works made by Emilio Vedova, which are going to show a new scenario for the classical collections rooms! 


Association des Amis du musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon



Located in the heart of Lyon, the Museum of Fine Arts – Lyon is one of the largest European museums. Its building, dated from the 17th century, is wonderful by itself and the collections shows more than 5000 years of art and history, as antiquities, artefacts, medal collections, 14th to 20th Century, paintings and sculptures.

The Friends Association of Museum of Fine Arts is one the responsible to contribute for its growth. Today there are more than 2000 members who help making contacts with artists, organizations, bringing new exhibitions to the museums and other things. Visit and know more about their actions!

Association des Amis du musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon
Palais Saint-Pierre
16/17 place des Terreaux – 69001 F-Lyon
Tel./ Fax : 04 78 39 25 38


National Museum of Indonesia: a chest of stories


With one of the biggest collections of stones, ceramics, ethnography, prehistory, the National Museum of Indonesia is an important place for who want to study historical issues. Popularly known as Elephant Building, because of its statue in front of the museum, its broad collections cover all of Indonesia’s territory and almost all of its history.

Visit the museum to know much more about the history and the historical details of the civilization! Share and enjoy the culture!

Adress: Jl. Medan Merdeka Barat No.12, Central Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

A different view about Holocaust


It’s already opened the exhibition “Shoah”, in Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum. The new permanent exhibition presents a display of drawings made by children during the Holocaust. Its creator, the Israeli-born artist Michal Rovner, wanted to show children’s view about one of the biggest murder historical event.

If you are going to be in Poland someday, do not forget to visit the exhibition!

Mondongo in Museum of Fine Arts of Buenos Ayres

The Museum of Fine Arts of Buenos Ayres and its friends association have the pleasure to invite all the art lovers to the launch of Mondongo’s exhibition!


All time is time to talk about Pop Art


Pop Art was a move which started at sixties and changed the entire artistic scenario. Today, the big part of the artists and works are influenced by Pop Art and its revolution. The colors, the style, the way to present the works, everything passed by a modernization process.

Andy Warhol, the precursor of the move, was a manager, painter and film-maker which innovated in his works, like Campbell’s Soup Cans, Brillo Boxes and others. If you are fan of Warhol and his art, enjoy and comment the post!