Arquivo mensal: julho 2013

FADAM in Salta – Setember 5, 6 and 7th!



Conference of DEMHIST/ICOM in São Paulo and Rio


The Brazilian Federation of Friends of Museums supports the Conference of DEMHIST/ICOM as well as GLASS, ICDAD and ICFA. The theme for this conference examines the relationship between museums and their locality: how they honor the cultures and memories of people, and connect with the interests of today’s communities.

During the conference, which is going to happen in São Paulo, August 10 and 11, and Rio de Janeiro, August 12 at 17, the participants will visit many museums and other historic places to discover the Brazilian experience and hear from speakers how they and their institutions from around the world view this subject.

ICOM Rio 2013


The 23th General Conference and International Council Meeting, which is being organized by ICOM Rio, is almost ready to start in style. The event will happen in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil – from August 10th until August 17th and has a goal to bring together more than 2.000 museums professionals who will discuss about some important issues to the cultural segment.

More than that, the meeting wants to be a big stage to exchange ideas and experiences always thinking to improve the museum’s relations, present new tools for the cultural and grow the segment. The World Federation of Friends of Museums will be present in the event and the theme “friends of museums” is going to be approach in some activities.

Visit the site ( to know more the 23th General Conference and International Council Meeting and please register! It is a great opportunity to promote good ideas and create a varied networking!

My waste is your waste


MOTI (Museum of the Image), in Breda, and Museu da Casa Brasileira, in São Paulo are currently working together in the project “My waste is your waste”. Designers of the two cities have been together to exchange expertise about waste and try show the world the consequences of this growing and bad behavior.

What is the destination you give to your waste? Think better, it really could be valuable.