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The impressions of someone who worked in Afghanistan


The Museé de Bastia, in France, presents until September the exhibition “Fenêtres de l’âme – Insouciances” of Reza, a photojournalist who worked in Afghanistan and had been recognized as an involved witness during that time.

Much more than just show the reality, his goal with those works is present some hope in the people. According him, the exhibition doesn’t want to express the sadness, but yes the smile behind the tears.

Avenue Pierre Giudicelli | 20410 Bastia Cedex
Phone:  04 95 31 09 12

Norbert Schwontkowski. That I was once a painter


Until October Kunsthalle Bremen Museum presents a work selection of Norbert Schwontkowski, one of the most famous painters from Bremen, who had achieved international impact and died in June 2013. The exhibition is composed by the museum collection and loan from private individuals.

The Bremen Art Association, which is associated of German Federation of Friends of Museums, is one of the oldest friend’s entities founded in the country. Over its history of 190 years, a remarkable collection with outstanding paintings and sculptures as well as one of the largest holdings of prints in Germany has been built up.

Visit the museum website, the Association and know more about the Kunsthalle Bremen’s history and its collections! 

FADAM promoted the Annual Assembly in Argentina

In August 20th the Argentine Federation of Friends of Museums (FADAM) promoted its Annual Assembly and the event had participation of the WFFM’s Presidente, Mr. Daniel Ben-Natan. Let’s look the meeting photo!


The modern and contemporary art in Lisboa


The permanent collection of Contemporary Art Museum in Lisboa brings together the most important works of modern and contemporary art in the country. Because of his big importance, the national museum is thus obliged to make these collections permanently available to the visiting public.

As it’s impossible to present all pieces and artworks, the team of curators and managers had made a big selection and choose 100 works dating from between 1850 and 1975, displayed according to their chronology and the main artistic movements of each period. If you are going to be in Lisboa someday, do not lose the chance to visit the exhibitions!

FILE 2013 starts in São Paulo


Until September 1st the citizens of São Paulo could see the Electronic Language International Festival. The FILE SP 2013 exhibition will present several types of artworks: interactive, installations, animations, performance, sound experiences, net and video arts and many other things.

Let’s check the program and look what the artists have prepared for you! 

Exhibition “Cruzando fronteiras”, by Jose Gurvich


The exhibition, which presents an important Uruguayan Artist, is held thanks to Fundación Gurvich, the Gurvich Museum of Montevideo, Uruguay, and  the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires, Argentina. If you will be there someday, do not forget to visit it!

Exhibition “Cruzando fronteiras”, by Jose Gurvich
Address: 350, San Juan Avenue – Buenos Aires
Date: from August 22th to October 6th

Photographic exhibition about the sea in Horniman Museum & Gardens


The stunning photographic exhibition “Rainforest of the Sea” shows the diversity of life within a coral and all the animals that live there.  Furthermore, the curator Jamie Craggs provides tips on how to combat threats that all coral reefs face.

Jamie Craggs is a coral biologist and is working with a number of international organisations on methods of conserving coral reefs.

Rainforest of the Sea
Adress: 100 London Road- Forest Hill- London SE23 3PQ
Until 15 September 2013
From 10:30 am to 5:30 pm

Last weekend to visit the exhibition “Wols: The Retrospective”


Is there another better way to celebrate the Wols´ hundredth birthday than an artistic retrospective? The Kunsthalle Bremen Museum has been promoting since April the exhibition “Wols: The Retrospective”, which present more than 200 works, like paintings, photographs, illustrated books. This weekend is the last one to visit the exhibition and know more about twenty five years old of his art. Do not lose this chance!

Exhibition “Wols: The Retrospective”
Kunsthalle Bremen
Am Wall 207
28195 Bremen
Phone +49 (0)421 329 08-0

Congratulations FADAM


The City of Buenos Aires has declared FADAM, Argentine Federation of Friends of Museums,  an Institution of Cultural Interes recognition of its commitment, throughout more than 30 years, to the protection and promotion of the Argentine Cultural Heritage.

How much a society can change in forty years?


The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is exhibiting an historical collection, which is composed of 154 works from great photographers like Benoit Aquin, Claire Beaugrand-Champagne, Alain Chagnon, Michel Campeau, Roger Charbonneau, Serge Clément, Donigan Cumming, Clara Gutsche, Brian Merrett, Normand Rajotte and Gabor Szilasi.


Called “Auteur Photography in Quebec: A Collection Takes Shape”, the main idea of the collection is to show how much a society can change in forty years. The style of life, hairs, architecture, advertising and many others things that were captured by the lenses. Visit the exhibition to know how our preferences and tastes have changed along the time!


Until November 10, 2013
Pavillon Jean-Noël Desmarais
1380, rue Sherbrooke Ouest
Montréal (Québec) H3G 1J5