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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


The end of the year show us how we could have been better, how we could have helped other people, how we could have had hope and brought hope for all day we lived. And, just when we are in front of it, we noticed how important those little things were for us.

So, the World Federation of Friends of Museums wishes that you have much more happy moments with your family and friends, wish you have more realizations, more challenges and much more health!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Feambra promotes a course about journalism


The Brazilian Federation of Friends of Museums promotes the course about journalism. Given by a famous Brazilian journalist, Edison Veiga, the class will show a different side of the routine in a journalistic office. More than that, the goal of the course is present to the students how the themes are treated in a poetic way to the readers.

Big Objects


Take a journey through Australia with treasured objects from the National Museum’s collection. Discover the stories behind these objects, based on the theme of travel. Share the passions of the people who made and owned them, and learn how they are cared for at the Museum. Entry is free.

Edvard Munch


Are you fan of Edvard Munch? The Munch Museum, in Olso, Norway, is completely dedicated to his life and work. With more than 28,000 art works, including paints, drawings, prints, you can know a little more about his ideas and the legacy he gave had given to the world. Visit them!

Tøyengata 53, 0578 Oslo, Noruega
+47 23 49 35 00

Beyond El Dorado power and gold in ancient Colombia

Organised with Museo del Oro, Bogotá, this exhibition “Beyond El Dorado power and gold in ancient Colombia” explores the rich and diverse cultures of Colombia before the 16th-century arrival of the Spanish. Are you going to lose?

Join the pARTy!

Are you ready to XV Congress of the World Federation of Friends of Museums in Berlin? From 15.05. 2014 to 18.05.2014 we will have a special program for the people who are interested in arts and culture.


During the program, the Young Friends Berlin will propose a big discovery in Berlin. Check what are you going to find:

  • Explore our Berlin Friend‘s museums, join our gallery and city tours!
  • Discover hidden places by joining a GPS supported form of paper chase – geocaching!
  • Get to know people from all over the the world during the program or simply by having dinner together!
  • Enjoy Berlin by night – we‘ll show you some famous bars and clubs

And why you should go to Berlin and what the city can provide to you? Berlin is a cultural hot spot where people from different origins meet each other and a city with full of History. During the program you can acess a varied culture for free, free couchsurfing accommodation and much more.

You just need to send an e-mail to to subscribe. If you have some doubts, contact them!

National Archaeological Museum in Greece


Do you like archeology? The National Archaeological Museum is the largest museum in Greece and one of the world’s great museums. Although its original purpose was to secure all the finds from the nineteenth century excavations in and around Athens, it gradually became the central National Archaeological Museum and was enriched with finds from all over Greece. Its abundant collections, with more than 11,000 exhibits, provide a panorama of Greek civilization from the beginnings of Prehistory to Late Antiquity.