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Exhibition remembers Oslo bombing


“We live in a star” is the name of a new exhibition that recalls the terrorist attack in Oslo, Norway, on July 22, 2011. The exhibition starts on january 30, in the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter until April 27, 2014.

This name was chosen because the tapestry was the most important work commissioned by the artist Hannah Ryggen. The work could survive after suffer attacks and bombings, leaving only a part damaged.

The exhibition will feature works of art from 18 national and international contemporary artists. The objective of this exhibition is to explore the concept of normality and show how everyone suffered a lot from this incident in Norway.

The exhibition “David Bowie is” will arrive in Brazil in 2014.


The exhibition of the British artist David Bowie will arrive in Brazil in the end of January at the Museum of Image and Sound in Sao Paulo (Brazil).

Brazil will be the first to get the show out of England. Besides of  clothing and personal objects, the exhibition will feature musical instruments that the singer has used in his career, lyrics, drawings etc. And the MIS (Museum of Image and Sound) will do a retrospective of the films that Bowie acted.

The exhibition will be between January 31 and April 20. The tickets are on sale now.

WFFM Berlin 2014 is coming…


Have you already sent your e-mail to participate of The XV Congress of the World Federation of Friends of Museums? From 15.05.2014 to 18.05.2014, the WFFM will be in Berlin.

Besides being a great opportunity to discover the art and culture of various regions, you can discover the rich history of Berlin and the peculiarity of this famous city worldwide.

To be part of this congress, you just need to send an e-mail to: to subscribe. If you have some doubts, contact them!!!

Nocturnos de Guillermo Roux


The plastic artist Guillermo Roux present his works in Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo of Buenos Aires. The exhibition shows some pictures that he painted while, because of a health problem, he couldn’t walk. So, Guillermo decided painting some objects which were around him.

Son of the greatest artist Raul Roux, Guillermo learned a of paint techniques with his father, studied in School of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires and travelled to Europe to work as assistant of Umberto Nonni.

Would you like to know more about his works? Let’s visit the exhibition!



Do you like surprising experiences? So, your place is the Experimentarium, located just 15 minutes from the center of Copenhagen, Denmark.

With 4,000 square meters, the museum will provide real situations that you can feel the nature, be in touch with different species of dinosaurs, know ideas and how it were built and a lot of other activities.

If you are curious and like to know new ideas, do not lose the chance to visit Experimentarium!

Tuborg Havnevej 7, 2900 Hellerup, Dinamarca
+45 39 27 33 33

Welcome 2014!


2014 is begining and with it we are going to have a lot of news in the scenario of Friends Federation: XV Congress of the World Federation of Friends of Museum, the Program for Young Friends in Berlin, new exhibitions and many other things.

So, follow the cultural news here, at the WFFM’s blog!