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Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster – SPLENDIDE HOTEL


In the exhibition Splendide Hotel, held for the Crystal Palace, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster (Strasbourg 1965) proposes a journey through which the viewer is transported to places and times where it is mixed with the imaginary and the real, bringing the artwork to beyond the meaning of the objects.

From his early work in the late eighties, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster continued to investigate the idea of space and time, concepts that underpin his career.

The architecture of the Crystal Palace this time becomes the core of your proposed exhibition, trying to revise through a new theatrical exercise, the context of the nineteenth century, when the building was constructed.

This date coincides with the year of construction of the Crystal Palace in Retiro Park, whose purpose was to house the exhibition of plants and flowers at the General Exhibition of the Philippine Islands. This is the idea of Splendide Hotel, that Gonzalez-Foerster want to move to Crystal Palace, recreating a single room in the hotel imagined.

A carpet covers the floor of the room and around several rocking chairs invite the viewer to sit and participate in the work, sinking into one of the many books that the artist selected for the occasion. José Rizal, Dostoevsky, Rubén Darío, HG Wells or Enrique Vila-Matas are some of the authors offered by French artist for this trip.

The exhibition happens between March 13th- August 31, 2014.


Volpi for exportation.


A retrospective of the painter Alfredo Volpi (1896-1988) with 85 paintings by 27 collectors is a unusual event in these times when the government, through the IBRAM (Brazilian Institute of Museums), search works of “public interest” in private collections.

The Volpi shows – The Emotion of Color opens on Thursday, for guests, and Friday, for the public, in the Art Gallery of Adams & Dale, a week before the opening of the 10th SP-Arte.In the time to attract curators of major foreign museums.

The directors of the gallery invited (with travel and board paid) representatives of five of them – including the MoMA in New York, the Tate Modern in London, Reina Sofia, Madrid – to visit the show and perhaps spark interest in the work of our main modern painter, still a shy presence in the international market.

Volpi began painting 100 years ago, in 1914. His first exhibition was in 1944. The retrospective brings paintings of the era of the first conference of which the painter has participated, in 1925, he sold a canvas that depicts his sister sewing.

The curator took care of grouping works that show the transition from figurative art to the “flags” and “facades” that became known painter, after being awarded the 1953 Biennial at the insistence of the English critic Herbert Read.

German History in Images and reports.


The German Historical Museum ( Deutsches Historisches Museum) displays a permanent collection of over 8.000 objects that are part of many historical periods of Germany . This museum is situated in an old building of the arsenal of Prussia.

The permanent exhibition provides an insight into 1,500 years of German history . 7000 historical exhibitions tell the story of people, ideas , events and historical processes.

The space for this exhibition has two floors of the arsenal. Through the tour, you will undergo a real trip to the chronological history of Germany.

Upstairs, the tour ends with the end of the first world war. On the ground floor, it continues with the Nazi regime, the period after the war, as well as the story of two German states 1949-1990 and 1994 forward.

Don´t miss a chance to know more about this country that has a global significance and preserves the  histories and traditions.

Picasso – Contemporary Reactions


This exhibition examines the responses of contemporary artists to the life and work of Pablo Picasso during the forty years since his death, in which his significance for contemporary artists has been controversial. It addresses the question of whether Picasso continues to be important for contemporary art and considers the variety of ways in which artists are engaging his art.

As the 58 works in the galleries demonstrate, contemporary artists have reinterpreted the meanings of Picasso’s oeuvre and liberated Picasso’s legacy from the constraints of past ideologies. These artists freely explore and contest Picasso’s status. They do not perceive Picasso as merely a paradigm of the 20th-century European avant-garde, but interpret him as a polyvalent model for artists worldwide to address the global expansion and diversification of contemporary art in the twenty-first century.

His exhibition presents the work of 41 artists from around the world: Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America. This diversity reflects the remarkable geographical range of Picasso’s impact on contemporary art as well as the current importance of this engagement, since many of the works were created after 2000.

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PHOTOS FROM Herlinde Koelbl


The new art project of international scale targets the photographer Herlinde Koelbl with military training and cultural differences that are reflected in their specific target shots of each country.

The photos taken within a period of six years, in more than 25 countries will be on display for the first time in the year of the First World War in 2014 memory, in the German Historical Museum.

The unusual focus of the work is about shooting destinations where people are trained to be soldiers and prepared for war. Herlinde Koelbl traveled to military training areas, including the U.S., China, Russia, Afghanistan, Brazil, Ethiopia, Norway and Mongolia. The result are photographs of human irregular silhouettes cardboard, plastic dolls shots perforated or metal plates in sieve cartridges.

The photographs are complemented by video, sound installations and portraits of soldiers. The reports of interviews causes a personal view on the situation of soldiers shooting ranges in the world.

The exhibition is supported by the Körber Foundation and the Robert Bosch Stiftung and will happen from 9 May until 05 October 2014, at the Deutsches Historisches Museum.

Yoko Ono – Half a Wind Show


With about 200 works span several thematic sections, including installations, objects, films, drawings, photographs, text, audio and documentation of performances held in the past, Yoko Ono. Half-A-Wind Show – Archive provides a comprehensive overview of the multiple production of this photographer pioneer of conceptual art and performance.

The starting point of many of the works of Ono is in the manual, oral or written guidelines given to the public, offering various suggestions and assigns a much more active than usual in the world of art paper.

The exhibition, which was organized on the occasion of the eightieth birthday of Ono, begins with the presentation of some of the most significant works of the 1960s, including her first performances, works on paper and objects.

The exhibition happens from March 14 until September 1, in the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. Don´t miss.

Checkpoint Charlie Museum – Berlin


The Checkpoint Charlie museum is one of the most famous sights of Berlin, located in one of the border crossings, of the Berlin Wall. In this museum, are exposed things related to wall, for example: objects that people used to go from one side to the other of the wall, recordings and pictures of everything related of the construction.

There are two large portraits of (American and Russian) soldiers and in the place, you can make a fake passport, which brings the history of the cold war to our reality again. There are also several walls filled with interesting explanations about the history of the wall and military alliances in Berlin.

If you like history and want to understand more about the atmosphere of this period, you will love this museum and their innovations. Don´t miss!

Louvre Abu Dhabi’s growing collection coming to the Louvre.


“Birth of a Museum” is the name of the exhibition that will take place in May 2 to July 28, at Musée du Louvre in Paris and will bring together more than 160 works of art purchased so far for the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

The museum Jean Nouvel-designed will open in 2015, and the permanent collection will be supplemented by loans from the Louvre and other big French museums.

The collection shows ancient through modern and contemporary works by artists such as Gauguin, Mondrian, Calder and Twombly.

Abu Dhabi plans to make the Arab emirates the largest cultural destinations in the world.

The City Exposed by Andres Amador.


Summer is here and the beach is one of the most frequent destination for those on holiday or has the whole weekend to enjoy. With the beach sand, castles, sculptures, hills are built and feet are buried and messages are written on the soil surface.

For the landscaper Andres Amador, sand is a serious working tool. He turns it on a screen, and also the inspiration for his creations.

Born in San Francisco, California, the artist makes giant drawings in the sand on the beach, with images that come to measure 500 meters. Before drawing, Andres Amador plans designs in a notebook that will make in the coast.

After accessing Google Earth, he chooses the beach sand that will draw. Taking advantage of the full moon, which provides low tide to work, he performs his art with gardening tools, interacting with the local topography.

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The magazine of FADAM (Argentine Federation of Friends of Museums)


In December 2013, was launched the magazine of the Argentine Federation of Friends of Museums. There are many events and gatherings of friends federations in manycountries.

With the idea of bringing together all cultural and artistic events of the year, the Argentine publication includes many events in FADAM (Federacion Argentina de Amigos de Museus)  and its local and global participation.

The magazine has an exclusive interview with the president of the World Federation of Friends of Museums, when he visited the Fadam for the annual meeting and other news that will surely interest you.

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