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Exhibition in London brings toys of British royalty


Childrens toys of the British royal family are exposed to the public at Buckingham Palace, the official seat of the British monarchy. The first word. The first tooth. Important dates that are often remembered fondly by parents. With the Princess Elizabeth was no different. It’s all written down in the book of baby girl who became Queen of England.

Born into a royal family means to lead a privileged life, but toys and objects of 25 children of the British monarchy could be found in any home. The teddy bear, book with alphabet letters, the height gauge. Impossible don´t imagine little princes and princesses stretching to gain a few inches.

The doll house is the oldest piece – 250 years. Was passed from generation to generation – each making different stories for the same rooms. While many girls like to dress the princess, the princess Anne already, daughter of Elizabeth II, preferred the fairy costume.

The exhibition continues in the ballroom of Buckingham Palace, where the Queen receives heads of state on official visits. How, for example, U.S. President Barack Obama, who gave the newest member of the royal family, the Little Prince George, with a wooden rocking horse. The material, who would say, came from a tree in the garden of the White House in Washington. A mime that the future King of England is still too small to enjoy.

The exhibition runs until September this year. Don´t miss!


The Greco and the modern painting – El Greco y la pintura moderna


The rediscovery of Greco was very important for the development of painting in the late nineteenth century and throughout much of the twentieth. The realization of the first exhibition in the Museo del Prado (1902), the formation of new collections that related its modern artists paint, the appearance of the first studies, by Manuel B. Cossio (1908) and August Mayer (1911), and the findings criticism by Julius Meier-Graefe in his Journey through Spain (1910) and Maurice Barres (1911) favored the spread of the artist’s work.

Had particular relevance in shaping modern painting in America, where his more expressive aspects exercised great fascination, both in Mexico, as seen in the works of Orozco, and the United States, through Benton and Pollock, in very threshold of abstraction, which also came from Matta surrealism.

This exhibition happens 24 de junio – 5 octubre 2014 in the Musel Nacional Del Prado, in Spain.

Next meeting of young friends of museums, will be in Mexico in 2015.


in May 2014 young art addicts from all over the world got together for the first international meeting of Young Friends of Museums in Berlin. Thanks to the Young Friends of Berlin we enjoyed an outstanding program with activities all over the city.

Together we explored museums, visited galleries and discovered hidden corners of Germany’s capital. The exchange of work experiences in the world of museum associations was more than fruitful.

New ideas were born, a connection between the different countries was built and even plans for founding new future Young Friends Groups were made. Our passion for art connects us and let us become good friends.

Young Friends WFFM Meeting 2015

After the big success of the Young Friends Meeting 2014 in Berlin we are more than pleased to invite you to the next meeting from 10th to 14th of June 2015! This time we will meet in Mexico DF.


Because art is our passion! Art affects all of us and everybody has the right of access to it. Mediating art and culture is therefore our duty. For doing so, nothing is more important than the exchange of experiences. We can learn a lot from each other and create an international network.

How to participate?

Please send an email to and we will send you the official application form. For making the meeting affordable for everybody we are applying for an EU-subsidy and we are constantly looking for other grants.

Stay updated by joining our facebook group and for any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Max Hilck, Diogo Marques Dos Santos, Gesa Wieczorek, Eliana Zanini and all Young Friends of the WFFM.

New number of FEAM magazine


There is a new magazine of FEAM (Federación Española de Amigos de los Museos).

In this magazine you can get information regarding the associations of friends of museums, can read interviews with leading industry experts, news about art and much more.

Click in the link below and download the file:


Tumblr of the Federación Española de Amigos de los Museos

The Spanish Federation of Friends of Museums has a Tumblr. In this space there is many information of interest to all audiences who love art, museums and galleries around the world.


Without any doubt, it has been tried a great initiative that allows young people to approach the cultural world in a fun and engaging way. If you are in Spain and want to receive information on future activities of young Friends can contact them at:


Degas Bacon. Jacqueline Delubac collection


A major exhibition devoted to Jacqueline Delubac (1907-1997). Programmed to fall 2014 By emphasizing the audacity of her choice, the exhibition will present both the actress, “the most elegant Paris” woman but also and especially the art bequeathed thirty-eight works of primary importance to the Museum of Fine Arts in his hometown amateur in 1998.

Jacqueline Delubac leaves Valencia Paris in the 20s, where his theatrical career began in 1931 with a piece of Sacha Guitry (1885-1957). Becoming the third wife of the author in 1935, she moved into his mansion and then lives surrounded by works of art.

Since 1988, the former actress from Lyon start thinking about the future of her collections. Without an heir, she wants to pass a public institution. After her death, the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon and receives thirty to five tables or pastels of Monet, Manet, Renoir, Degas, Bonnard, Vuillard, Léger, Braque, Picasso, Miró and Bacon …

This exceptional legacy, supplemented by a few of Rodin bronzes and paintings of the nineteenth century that belonged to Myran Eknayan is revealed to the public in 1998 the museum has just been renovated.

The legacy of Jacqueline Delubac allows for the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon to present the first Impressionist collection outside Paris, while the modern and contemporary works offer great landmarks of twentieth century art.

Former YBAs and conceptual artists take part in London sculpture trail


A candyfloss pink sculpture by Damien Hirst, a massive steel girder by Martin Creed and an oversized bundle of limbs by Gary Hume are among the works due to be installed along a four-mile sculpture trail through east London. The London-born dealer Megan Piper has so far secured nine works for the trail, known as “The Line”, which will link the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with the O2 arena and is due to open at the end of summer.

The sculptures have been brought out of storage by the artists, their galleries and private collectors who are loaning them for two years, although Piper hopes to create a permanent outdoor exhibition with new works added every year. According to a spokeswoman for the project, The Line is not intended as a commercial platform.

With no public funding, the organisers raised £140,000 in less than eight weeks through crowdfunding, with donations coming from the Garfield Weston Foundation, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners Charitable Foundation and R. Todd Ruppert of Ruppert International, among others.

WFFM 2015 – México

Dear Members,

I am writing this email to inform you of the creation of the Youth Group of the World Federation of Friends of Museums (WFFM) by art-loving young members from 20 countries.

This Youth Group was formed during the first World Congress of Young Friends of, Friends of Museums, in Berlin during the WFFM Congress.

Different Associations of Young Friends met not only to celebrate art but also to exchange their views on experiences and projects related to their daily activities in their museums.

As a consequence of this event, the Young Friends strengthened their relationships among Young Associations worldwide and allowed them to contemplate the organization of a second meeting of Young members at the WFFM General Assembly, to be held in Mexico FD,  2015.

An Organization Committee is applying for a grant before a European Union body to cover travel and accommodation expenses. The money of this grant is intended to help every young member to attend the meeting.

Please contact us if you are a young member of a Friend organization and you are willing to attend this meeting.

Currently, Young Friends from Germany, Italy, Argentina and Holland have already enrolled to participate in this event.

Please contact me for further information on this international meeting.

Best regards,

Max & Gesa
Organization Committee

Eliana Zanini
Comité Organizador

Contemporary artists recreate “dazzle” ships in London and Liverpool

Liverpool Biennial co-commissions vibrant works marking First World War centenary


The German sculptor Tobias Rehberger is due to unveil his “dazzled” warship in London on 14 July as part of the commemorations marking 100 years since the start of the First World War.

Rehberger’s black-and-white geometric design will be applied to the hull of HMS President in homage to the “dazzle” camouflage invented by the artist Norman Wilkinson and used by the Royal Navy to confuse the captains of German U-boats. The transformed ship, docked at the Victoria Embankment, will be on view until late 2015.

The London commission follows one in Liverpool by the Venezuelan optical artist Carlos Cruz-Diez, who has decorated the pilot ship, the Edmund Gardner, in brightly coloured stripes. Both ships are part of the 14-18 Now programme and were co-commissioned by the Liverpool Biennial, which opened last weekend (“A Needle Walks into a Haystack”, until 26 October).

The Edmund Gardner, which is owned and conserved by the Merseyside Maritime Museum, will remain daubed in “dazzled” colours until the end of next year when it will return to its original livery.


More infos: The Art Newspaper 

Treasures from Korea: Arts and Culture of the Joseon Dynasty, 1392–1910


Treasures from Korea presents more than 150 works from the time of the world’s longest-ruling Confucian dynasty, lasting more than 500 years. On display are many Korean national treasures that have never before been shown in the United States.

This comprehensive survey is organized around five key themes that together illuminate a period that continues to influence modern manners, norms and social attitudes:

the role of the king and his royal court and their taste for simplicity, expressed in porcelain objects; the strict hierarchies that defined class and gender; the production of metal and ceramic ritual implements used in ancestral worship; various religions practiced during this time, and the late influence of western civilizations.

This exhibition takes place between June 29, 2014-September 28, 2014