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Arrives in Argentina at the dalle Meraviglie Marche, the exhibition showing the best of Italian art.


Between September 19 and November 30 will be exhibited at the National Museum of Decorative Art sample Meraviglie dalle Marche II, hand Artifex, the company that brought another sample from the same region in 2012, but with another selection works and artists.

Pimentel added to Infobae: “The 36 artists in the show Meraviglie dalle Marche come from different museums and collections of the Marche Region and demonstrate its artistic richness of its geographic location is influenced northern and southern Italy, which is at both a bridge to eastern cultures. ”

Pimentel also says.. “All the artists included in the sample are first line Tiziano is certainly the best known in his time, because having a portrait by Titian was a symbol of power Everyone in the court of Charles V of Spain wanted a portrait with the signing of Titian. ”

The exhibition is sponsored by the Government of Le Marche, the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of the Presidency of the Nation, Giovanni Curated by Prof. Cohn, president of Artifex Italy, and Prof. Stefano Papetti, curator of the municipal collections Ascoli Piceno, the local organization of Artifex Argentina and participation of staff of the National Museum of Decorative Arts and the members of the Association of Friends of the Museum.

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A biennial for the people


Next month, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit (MOCAD) is due to unveil a biennial featuring work by an unconventional cast of characters, including a lawyer, an English professor, an engineer—and even a radio host by the name of Fearless Fred.

The second edition of the People’s Biennial (12 September-4 January) showcases marginalised or overlooked talent. For this year’s event, the curators Harrell Fletcher and Jens Hoffman asked 17 recognised artists to select and collaborate with individuals who are not part of the mainstream art world.

Many contributors to the People’s Biennial are active in the field of social practice, a growing discipline that uses art to address larger social issues. MOCAD wants to become “a leader in the social practice arena”, says the museum’s director Elysia Borowy-Reeder.

The museum is also the permanent home of Mobile Homestead, 2010, by Mike Kelley, a model of the artist’s childhood home that is now used as a community centre to host events ranging from philosophical discussions to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Borowy-Reeder plans to invite speakers including Nato Thompson, the chief curator of Creative Time, and Claire Bishop, a professor at the City University of New York, for a series of conversations with museum staff and community members during the biennial.

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Le Parc Lumière

A selection of historical works of the great Argentine teacher Julio Le Parc (Mendoza, 1928) belonging to the Daros Latinamerica Collection, Zurich. The exhibition focuses on the kinetic experiences about Le Parc light, carried out mainly in the 60s.


Together with colleagues from GRAV, Le Parc proposed in the 60s a break with the artistic tradition that had prevailed until then, away from painting and toward a dynamic conception of the artwork.

The Le Parc was desire to create works that were in perpetual transformation and constant instability. His scientific and mechanical investigations resulted in random interesting play of light and shadows, in which the participation of the viewer completes the work of art with their presence.

In a world where everything is ordered, Le Parc seeks to offer men the opportunity to break with its regimented existence. His intention is to liberate the viewer from dependence and do participate in the action, integrating it into a work of art and immersing it in that light experience.


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Catherine Goodman: Portraits from Life


A display of recent portraits by the British artist Catherine Goodman, winner of the BP Portrait Award 2002, opens to coincide with this annual exhibition. Goodman’s expressive portraits of family and friends are not only likenesses but offer a powerful insight into the interior world of both artist and sitter.

Goodman’s subjects include film director Stephen Frears, poet and broadcaster Daisy Goodwin, novelist Vikram Seth, Princes Drawing School student and ex-soldier Harry Parker and lawyer Diana Rawstron. All the portraits were painted in the artist’s London studio over the past three years and will be seen at the Gallery for the first time.

This exhibition happens: 17 June – 23 November 2014.

Time Tunnel of Graphic Design in Brazil

tunel do tempo

The exhibition presents an overview of the history of graphic design in Brazil in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, bringing together 140 original pieces, including books, magazines and records, plus thirty facsimiles of posters.

Among the highlights are the first edition of Cruising magazine, the poster of the 1st Biennial of São Paulo and the cover of Calabar, one censored disc of Chico Buarque. The objects are displayed in a tunnel 25 meters long, in chronological order.

The exhibition takes place between August 21 to October 26.

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Passport Thursdays: Korea Outdoor Music, Dance, and Film Series


Global Sights & Sounds for the Urban Traveler

Leave your baggage at home and bring a picnic blanket out to Flushing Meadows right next to the majestic Unisphere for this free weekly presentation of live music, dance, and film from one of the many international locales that fuel Queens’ cultural and artistic vitality. Museum Galleries & Café open late until 8pm. Free hands-on artmaking workshops for the family before the movie starts.

Free & Open to all. In case of rain, program moves inside the Museum.

Turkey hosts its first graffiti show


The Pera Museum in Istanbul is hosting the country’s first ever exhibition dedicated to graffiti. “Language of the Wall”, which opened on Wednesday and runs until 5 October, includes more than 20 artists from the US, France, Germany, Japan and Turkey and features prominent early artists such as Futura and Cope2, both from New York. It also includes photography by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant, who documented New York’s graffiti scene in the 1980s.

The curator Roxane Ayral has also invited a number of the artists to create new outdoor murals in Istanbul with the permission of local authorities. According to an article published by the Cihan News Agency, Ayral organised the show after spending time in France, where graffiti is highly visible. “It is more than painting gray walls,” she said at a press conference. “Your life might change if you pass in front of something painted on a wall.”



Museo Reina Sofía plans another expansion

The director of Madrid’s Modern and contemporary art museum wants to add 3,000 sq. ft of additional exhibition space


The director of the Museo Reina Sofía, Manuel Borja-Villel, has just announced that Madrid’s main Modern and contemporary art museum will expand its permanent exhibition space by a total of 3,000 sq. m by the end of 2015.

In an interview with EFE news agency, Borja-Villel said the project will “finally” join the Francisco Sabatini-design building, which opened in 1992, with the extension by Jean Nouvel, completed in 2005.

“Everything is going to be relocated”, says Borja-Villel, with works to be moved into the space currently used for storage and offices, in order to finalise a rehang of the permanent collection. This will allow the museum to show its most recent acquisitions.

The project will also include a redesign of Nouvel’s plaza, and is projected to be completed by the end of 2015. Borja-Villel says he would also like to redo the entrance plaza to the Sabatini building, which had been planned earlier but was stopped because of the financial crisis.

However, the director says that the museum is not in crisis-mode anymore. Although state funding has dropped considerably since 2011, self-financing and donations are at an all time high, he says. And Borja-Villel says he is starting to set his eyes on new acquisitions, which he refers to as his “unfinished business”.

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Pop Art Today


Known as the artistic movement that is critical to materialism and consumerism, pop art is focus of group exhibition “The Footprint Pop”, which aims to prove how this art, which emerged in the 1950s, continues today. The exhibition has the objective to investigate the foundations of pop, confirming the persistence of many of its principles throughout history.

According to the curator Ligia Canongia, the idea is to map, through artistic productions, the influence that this movement still plays in contemporary art.

During the show, visitors can enjoy the works of artists like Jeff Koons, Gary Hume, Meireles, Carlos Garaicoa, Alex Katz, Janaina Tschäpe, Lós Carpinteros and Christian Marclay, and also exclusive pieces made ​​by artists such as Maria Nepomuceno and Emmanuel Nassar. Among the works created especially for the exhibition highlights the “Mouth” by Mark Chaves.

The show can be seen in the Carbon Gallery, between August 12 to September 27, Monday to Friday from 10h to 19h and on Saturdays from 11am to 15h

Alberto Schommer Masks


Masks is the title of a long series of photographic portraits made ​​in the eighties by Alberto Schommer to contemporary Spanish intellectuals and make up one of the most original and exciting galleries iconographic twentieth century.

The Masks series, which is a tribute to this extraordinary group of Spanish intellectuals, are now displayed in the Museo del Prado in a special context, faced with a selection of portraits of her painted by Spanish artists from the sixteenth century to the early collections twentieth, and respond to the same iconographic criterion -for are effigies of writers and artists like Spaniards and compositional models.

This retrospective prolongation painting masks Schommer series  to evoke an unprecedented series gallery that confronts us with thoughtful and intense gaze of an absent Parnassus Spanish art and literature where they are, face to face without an encyclopedic effort, Juan de Ribera and José Luis Aranguren, Luis de Góngora and Barn Lane, Goya and Antonio Saura, and Juan Benet Espronceda or young Velasquez and Antonio Lopez, among others.

This Exhibition happens July 21 to September 14, 2014.