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Spanish museum shifts focus from Medieval to Modern art


In a major shift, the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC), known mostly for its Medieval art, has completely transformed the ground floor of the Palau Nacional in Barcelona to display its Modern art collection. Among the highlights are works related to the Spanish Civil War, including many that were shown alongside Picasso’s Guernica at the Paris International Exposition in 1937.

Nearly 1,300 works from the mid-19th century to the 1950s are shown in a 4,000 sq. m space. About 900 of these works come straight from storage and have never been shown before, according to a report in El Mundo.

The collection includes not only paintings and sculptures but photography and graphic posters by Catalan and international artists. The museum now offers “a critical and complex story that avoids the mere succession of styles and names” the director, Pepe Serra, told EFE news agency.

The new display opens to the public on Saturday, 27 September, after six months of work and a €890,000 investment, according to a report in El Pais. The museum’s next big project is a rehang its Renaissance and Baroque collection in 2015.


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Reina Sofía museum announces major loan from Spanish gallerist


The Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid announced yesterday a long-term loan of 385 works, donated by one of the country’s the leading gallerists, Soledad Lorenzo. While the collection focusses on painting, it also includes sculpture, photography, prints, installations and audiovisual works, mostly by the Spanish artists Lorenzo has showed in her gallery, such as Juan Uslé, Pablo Palazuelo, Miquel Barceló, and Antoni Tàpíes.

The collection comes to the Reina Sofía after a year of negotiations with gallery, since there is no precedent in Spain for such an important bequest in terms of both the number and quality of the works, according to a museum press release. The art will be on long-term loan for five years, after which the museum can renew to deal, with the promise that the works will be bequethed to the museum after Lorenzo’s death.

Lorenzo’s loan helps fill a gap in the museum’s holdings of contemporary art, during a time of austerity when the Reina Sofía has struggled to make acquisitions of newer work with a shrinking budget.


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The Italian Renaissance up again to Argentina with a million dollar bet


With a successful first edition as a prelude, the National Museum of Decorative Art exhibits Meraviglie dalle Marche II, the sample consisted of 36 Italian works of art spanning works from the Pre Baroque.

The exhibition, a million dollar bet, brings to Buenos Aires invaluable heritage that has ever come out of Italy and pieces of art movements rarely exhibited to the public in the country.

The exhibition, arranged chronologically, includes works by artists such as Perugino, Lorenzo Lotto, Titian, Domenico Tintoretto, Guido Reni and Sassoferrato, among others, from private and public museums and churches in the region. The emphasis: the Cinquecento and Seicento paintings, period mature Renaissance, Mannerism and Baroque.

Over three rooms the spectator experiences from symmetry in planks and pre-Renaissance frescoes, religious paintings, devotional and sophisticated Renaissance diagonals and movement looming in Mannerist works until shadows, gloomy and drama Baroque. The curator was given by the Italian Giovanni and Stefano Papetti Morillo.

Meraviglie dalle Marche II may be seen from 20 September to 30 November at the National Museum of Decorative Arts (Av​​. Liberator 1901), from Tuesday to Friday 14-19 and Saturday and Sunday from 12.30. General admission: $ 50; senior citizens, $ 25; Tuesdays, free admission.


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Exhibition of Salvador Dalí debut in Sao Paulo this year


In October the city of São Paulo will receive the largest retrospective of works by surrealist Salvador Dalí (1904-1989). The exhibition goes on display on October 19 at the Instituto Tomie Ohtake.

The show has about 150 items of Catalan artist, including paintings, prints, drawings and films.

The São Paulo audience will check closely the typical extravagance of the works of Dalí, besides the tour that the artist made between areas of cubism, impressionism and of course, surrealism, his “flagship”.

During the exhibition, the public can also check Dalí’s contribution to cinematic history.

Sade. Attacking the sun

Alphonse Donatien de Sade (1740-1814) revolutionized the history of literature as that of arts, clandestinely first then becoming a myth.


The work of the “Divine Marquis” challenges radically issues limit, proportion, overflow, notions of beauty, ugliness, and sublime body image. It rids radically the look of its religious presuppositions, ideological, moral, social.

According to Annie Le Brun, specialist Sade and guest curator analysis, the exhibition highlights the revolution of representation opened by the texts of the writer.

Will address the themes of ferocity and singularity of desire, the gap, extreme, bizarre and monstrous desire as a principle of excess and fantasy recomposition of the world through works of Goya , Géricault, Ingres, Rops, Rodin, Picasso …


Fonte: Musée d´Orsay


A 600-year history in objects

This exhibition will examine elements of German history from the past 600 years in the context of the fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago.


From the Renaissance to reunification and beyond, the show will use objects to investigate the complexities of addressing a German history which is full of both triumphs and tragedies.

Navigate through Germany’s many political changes – from the Holy Roman Empire through unification in the 1870s and the troubled 20th century to today’s economic powerhouse at the centre of Europe.

Explore art by Dürer, Holbein and Richter, and marvel at technological achievements through the ages which gave the world Gutenberg’s printing press, Meissen porcelain, the Bauhaus movement and modern design icon the VW Beetle.


Fonte: The British Museum




This is the first retrospective of the artist Patricia Gadea (Madrid 1960 – Palencia 2006) as a major player in the Madrid figuration of the eighties and nineties.

The exhibition includes mainly large format paintings and a series of cardboard made ​​from the eighties onwards. Additionally, you can see a set of drawings from 1991 until his death, most of them unpublished.

This exhibition will be held on November 5, 2014 – January 5, 2015 / Sabatini Building, Floor 3. Museo Nacional Reina Sofia.

Visit museums friend


Members of the Argentina Federation of Friends of Museums (FADAM) and the Chilean Federation of Friends of Museums (FECHAM) visited for the first time Uruguay as delegation.

The purpose of their trip was meeting the many museums and interesting places of our country. Welcoming them, Susana Nunes of Lestido organized a warm reception at home with prominent cultural figures.

The World Federation of Friends of Museums is a non-governmental, philanthropic, nonprofit organization, founded in Belgium in 1975, brings together more than 3 million members in 35 countries and contributes to the conservation of cultural heritage and the promotion of museums as spaces for community participation.



The Matarazzo Hospital in São Paulo, receives from the 9th of September and October 12 the exhibition “Made by … Made by Brazilians”, designed by French Alexandre Allard. The show will bring together unique works of 100 artists from different countries, half of them in Brazil. Turned off for about 20 years, the place was prepared for the event in just four months.

With a total of 27 000 m², the complex consists of several buildings – the most overturned – and goes through a renewal process. The idea is to make it a true icon of tourism and culture of the city. The building has many marks of time and forgetfulness, but from now, the goal is to occupy it with the youthful energy of contemporary art.

When: September 9 to October 12

Antonio Berni: Juanito and Ramona


In October, Antonio Berni Malba presents: Jack and Ramona, the first exhibition of Antonio Berni (Rosario, 1905 – Buenos Aires, 1981) that present exhaustively his famous series of Juanito Laguna and Ramona Montiel.

The exhibition brings together a collection of over 140 works created between 1956 and 1978, from the artist’s family and important public and private collections in Argentina, United States, Spain and Belgium.

The exhibition is completed with a selection of documentaries and film material showing Berni in the work of his prints, plus songs inspired by the character of Juanito. Active since the late 20s, Berni had a long and prolific career that spanned various modes of surrealism, social realism and what the artist called “New Realism”.

Exhibition: 30.10.2014 — 25.2.2015