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The exhibition “Las apariencias engañan: los vestidos de Frida Kahlo” is the first exhibition in the Frida Kahlo Museum in the City of Mexico about the wardrobe of the artist.


 This exhibition presents a new interpretation of Frida Kahlo through her wardrobewhich was discovered in 2004 in the bathroom of the artist.

The central thesis of the exhibition explores the identity of the artist, expressed through the powerful visual image constructed based on the clothing of her choice.

If you want to know more, click here: Museo Frida Kahlo

David Shrigley – Life and Life Drawing

In the summer of 2014 – 15, National Gallery of Victoria presents David Shrigley: Life and Life Drawing, a comprehensive exhibition – his first major survey in Australia – of new and recent work by the internationally renowned Glasgow-based artist.


Shrigley has developed a cult following for his stripped back, darkly humourous and deliberately crude drawings that explore existential dramas, human dysfunction and anxiety.

David Shrigley: Life and Life Drawing encompasses drawings, paintings, sculpture, animated videos, artist books, and a major new commission for NGV International’s Waterwall titled General Store. The artist’s omnipresent sense of humour lies at the heart of these works, which are manifest in tragicomic narratives that reflect on the banality and absurdity of everyday life and objects.

More infos, click here: NGV 

Wadsworth Atheneum restores spaces it very nearly lost

The Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, one of the oldest art museums in the US, unveiled the first phase of a $33m renovation on 31 January. The project increases exhibition space by 27% and repairs damage that nearly led to the collapse of the 173-year-old institution. “We would have had to close the entire museum except one of the five buildings had we not done this renovation,” says Susan Talbott, its director.


Once the project is complete in September, every Wadsworth gallery will be open to the public simultaneously for the first time in 50 years. More infos click here: TAN

The return of the snake

The exhibition is an approach to work Mathias Goeritz (Danzig, 1915 – Mexico City, 1990) performed since its installation in Mexico, in 1949. Over four decades, in both its theoretical and practical production converges to the rational utopia neoprimitivismo factors derived from his own biography: the tour of many cities in Europe and north Africa (1948), his stay in Spain and their participation on the eve of the First Week of Art in Santillana del Mar (September 1949 ), as well as contact with Mexican culture.


Raised as a tour of the iconic works Goeritz, the exhibition shows how the set of his work and activity arises from the assumption of art as meta-artistic project (extending the scope of the social, political and public) where -the original form ridge lines that make up the body of a serpent (snake Eco, 1953) – becomes formal and conceptual module all his work, developed in the context of cold War. In turn, terms like demo and monuments appear as categories including transits his work, showing a willingness to subvert the notion of proportion.

More infos click here: REINA SOFIA MUSEUM

Carbon – the material of the future

The exhibition presents the material carbon and lets visitors experience it with all of their senses.


They learn about the fields where carbon is used – from industry to sports equipment and noise makers – and the methods available for processing carbon fibres.

A look ahead provides a glimpse of future uses of carbon. A highlight of the exhibition is the freely vibrating acoustic chair that allows users to detect sensory input through several senses.

More infos click here: Deutsches Museum 

Corning’s glass museum acquires contemporary works for new wing

The Corning Museum of Glass has made five acquisitions of recent works by artists Roni Horn, Klaus Moje, Ayala Serfaty, Jeroen Verhoeven and Fred Wilson, expanding its collection contemporary art and design. The museum is due to put the works on display in its new $64m wing, which is due to open in 20 March.


The museum in Corning, New York, is the world’s largest collection of glass objects, spanning 3,500 years. The museum’s chief benefactor is the company Corning Inc., which makes glass for industrial and scientific use but is known popularly for its products such as CorningWare, Pyrex and Steuben.

The museum plans to announce soon the first artist in a new programme to commission and show contemporary works.

More infos click here: TAN

Portrait of an English Country House

Discover the history and elegance of Houghton Hall, one of England’s grandest country houses, built in the 1720s by Sir Robert Walpole (1676–1745), Britain’s first prime minister.


Tucked away in Norfolk, England, Houghton Hall was built as a setting for Walpole’s spectacular collection of old-master and 18th-century paintings, tapestries, and Roman antiquities. His strong tradition of artistic patronage and collecting was continued by members of the Cholmondeley family when they inherited the estate in 1797.

This exhibition captures an intimate look inside Houghton Hall amid a re-creation of some of its spectacular interiors. Rarely exhibited treasures and exquisite furniture that has been passed down through the centuries evoke the sophistication of aristocratic entertainment in the 18th century.


The Language of Xu Bing

One of the most active and influential Chinese artists living today, Xu Bing received his training in the Printmaking Department at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing.


Book from the Sky, an installation of books and scrolls printed with more than 4,000 fake Chinese characters, captivated the burgeoning art community in China in the mid-1980s. Since then, Xu has been investigating the significance and meaning of language.

This exhibition highlights works such as the video The Character of Characters, the artist’s magnum opus and a personal account of the significance of Chinese language and characters through history, culminating with their significance to Chinese society today.

The work is on view in the Boone Children’s Gallery, where visitors are invited to take up a brush and practice his calligraphy.

More infos, click here: LACMA

Frac Île-de-France opens a castle fit for an art king

After two years of renovations, led by the French artist Xavier Veilhan in collaboration with the architects Bona-Lemercier and the stage designer Alexis Bertrand, Frac Île-de-France, the Paris region’s contemporary art collection, now has a second space in a modernised château in the Parc culturel de Rentilly.


The result resembles both a château straight out of a children’s story and a science fiction film. The interior has been gutted to create two large exhibition spaces, each around 500 sq m, with moveable partitions and flooded by natural light. The building is also topped by an open-air terrace. In the end, only the historic, vaulted basement was traditionally conserved and will serve as a reception area for visitors.

Frac is in charge of the programme at the château and plans to present two exhibitions every year—one dedicated to the Île-de-France collection, the other to invited collections.


Mofre infos, click here: TAN

Sargent – Portraits of Artists and Friends

John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) was the greatest portrait painter of his generation. Acclaimed on both sides of the Atlantic, he was closely connected to many of the other leading artists, writers, actors and musicians of the time.


This major exhibition of over seventy portraits spans Sargent’s time in London, Paris and Boston as well as his travels in the Italian and English countryside.

Important loans from galleries and private collections in Europe and America make this an unmissable opportunity to discover the artist’s most daring, personal and distinctive portraits.

* This Exhibition takes place between february 12, until may 25, 2015 in National Portrait Gallery.

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