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Berlin’s summer of performance and film art starts this weekend

The Berlin-based artist is known for his interactive works, which can be described as somewhere between live sculpture, performance art and constructed social situations.


Five pieces are due to be presented in the ground-floor galleries, including the enigmatic This Is So Contemporary (2005), in which guards sing that phrase to often surprised visitors, and The Kiss (2007), where couples embrace intimately in the museum.

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Chinese billionaire collector partners with Institute of Contemporary Arts in London

The K11 Art Foundation, founded by the Chinese billionaire Adrian Cheng, and the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London are collaborating on a series of exhibitions in a bid to foster cultural exchange between the UK capital and China. The shows will focus on emerging Chinese artists.


Zhang’s exhibition, Enter the Dragon (titled after Bruce Lee’s film), is due to be installed in the ICA’s theatre, which will be covered in mirrors and transformed into a music venue with two stages. Here invited artists and bands sel ected fr om an open submission process via NTS Radio will perform against each other. The show, which is being organised by the ICA’s curator Matt Williams, is due to travel to China in autumn or winter 2016.

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Picasso Dalí – Dalí Picasso

This show presents paintings, drawings, etchings and sculptures by Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí—some of which are very rarely loaned—from over 25 museums worldwide, as well as documents setting the artists’ work in context.

They both reacted simultaneously to the horrors of the Spanish Civil War by producing works expressing the human suffering caused by the conflict. After the Civil War, Dalí referenced Picasso and paid tribute to him in his work. In the 1950s the two artists began to converge again around work by the great masters, Velázquez in particular.

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Moscow’s Garage Museum opens with one eye on Soviet past, the other on the future

Dasha Zhukova’s Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow was unveiled to the press on Wednesday with a tour by the architect Rem Koolhaas, who explained how he preserved the Brutalist architecture of the Soviet-era building in Gorky Park that has been taken over by the institution.


Two of Kusama’s Infinity Room installations are on display, while outside, trees on the path leading to the building are wrapped in the Japanese artist’s trademark polka dots.

Garage does not have a traditional collection but rather an archive of Soviet non-conformist art. The inaugural exhibitions include a display of photographs by the Moscow conceptualist artist George Kiesewalter of the city’s underground artists in the 1970s and 80s.

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“Africa Africans”

Little present in São Paulo museums, African artists have attracted attention internationally. Africa Africans meets at Museu Afro Brazil some of the most prominent names on the continent.

With programming that includes installations, paintings, videos, sculptures, fashion and a meeting for discussions with the artists, the Africans Africa project, presents an overview of recent visual creation on the continent through works by artists from many African countries. Admission is free and open to all ages.

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Be a Place, Place an Image, Imagine a Poem

The work of Ree Morton (Ossining, NY, 1936 – Chicago, 1977) can be found in the specific art scene in the USA around 1970, characterised by a strong reaction to Abstract Expressionism, via Minimal art, on the one hand, and Conceptual art and Pop art on the other.


The show devoted to the artist in the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía aims to represent a new landmark in the study of her work, consolidating the research conducted up to now to make it the most complete retrospective to date that runs from her early work through to her final pieces.


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Cleopatra comes to Singapore


The exhibition, which fills the Features gallery space, includes more than 200 works encompassing archaeological artefacts, paintings and theatre props. The National Archaeological Museum in Naples is among the lenders.

The Pinacothèque de Paris has been a surprise hit in France, wh ere such commercially focused museums are virtually non-existent. Located on a corner of the Place de la Madeleine, it has held a series of popular exhibitions, such as “The Dutch Golden Age” (October 2009-February 2010) featuring loans from Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, which attracted 700,000 visitors.

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Mirabolante Miró in São Paulo

Arrives in São Paulo the exhibition Miró dazzling, at the Instituto Tomie Ohtake, after being on display at Santander Cultural in Porto Alegre.


Miró practiced from the beginning a brightly colored painting, with strong influence the Fauvist movement, which had as its main exponents in France, the Matisse and Vlaminck artists.

There are 178 engravings and 28 posters designed in the last two Miró’s life decades. Miró dazzling shows the long relationship of the artist with the gallery, Lelong which practically edited all your pictures.

Goya en El Prado


Goya gets a variety of feelings for his extraordinary ability to capture the richness of human types, different male and female attire and the suggestion of infinite situations.

In this exhibition Goya cartons are combined with other artists and paintings and sculptures that served as models for his creations full of novelties on display.

A few cartons of tapestries that Goya did not conceive as secondary painting but as metaphorical invention of society, finding in them the way later creations with which he achieved fame as the Caprichos etchings.

Fonte: Museo Nacional Del Prado