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Māori cultural performance at the Auckland Museum


The Auckland Museum (Member of the WFFM) hosts a daily Māori culture performance which takes you on a journey through the story of Aotearoa New Zealand and Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland. The show is available 4 times a day and lasts for 30 minutes.

For more information click here: AM


Eduardo Mac Entyre’s exposition takes place in Argentina


Museo Bellas Artes Salta (member of the WFFM), in Argentina continues to host an exhibition of Eduardo Mac’s work, known for his geometric paintings. The attraction is open to visitation from Tuesday to Sunday 9 a.m- 19 p.m.

Click the link for more info: FB

Pesquisa Ibram – Projeto Voluntários Feambra delivers certificate of conclusion


The delivery of the participation certificates of the project “Pesquisa Ibram – Projeto Voluntários” happened on September 24 at 14h p.m at Feambra’s head office. The participants celebrated with an afternoon coffee for all who contributed to the research for the Federação de Amigos de Museu do Brasil. Gustavo Horta, the project coordinator and New Businesses consultant, also attended to it and personally delivered the testifications.

La democracia del símbolo


MALBA Fundación Costantini presents La democracia del símbolo, first site-specific work of Leandro Erlich (Buenos Aires, 1973) in the country, transforming the Obelisk -Icon of the City of Buenos Aires to the core of a public art project.

Through his artistic intervention, Leandro Erlich provides the possibility of visiting its interior and discovering the amazing aerial view for the first time since the founding in 1936.

La democracia del símbolo is a unique artistic and social initiative, the result of the union between the artist, his studio, MALBA, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires and the company Fate, the largest producer of tires in the country.

The Obelisk was built in 1936 by modernist architect Alberto Prebisch. Since then it has been a meeting and celebrating point. The place has also inspired countless artistic projects and pioneering photographers like Grete Stern and Horacio Coppola, who recorded its construction in a film-, Minujin, Leandro Katz, among many others.

It’s interior has always aroused everyone’s curiosity and this project provides for the first time the possibility of democratizing access, transforming it into a public monument, open to all.

For more info clcik here: MALBA

Unique guided tour through Portugal shows luminium and utensils museums


“Jornadas Europeias do Patrimonio 2015 – Dois Garfos de Conversa” is a tour that will happen on September 26, in Portugal. The event is a guided visit through museums which show the history of aluminium and utensils, finishing with a very special dinner at Museu Municipal de Penafiel (member of WFFM). Click the link for more info: FAM

Cultural Exchange Festival 2015 in New Zealand celebrates Asian migrant community


Cultural Exchange Festival 2015 in New Zealand celebrates Asian migrant community

The 4th edition of the Cultural Exchange Festival in New Zealand celebrates the art and culture of the Asian migrant community of Auckland. The event hosts a variety of performances, workshops, and activities which showcase the art, music, and culture from our local communities.

On Saturday from 12.30pm – 3pm, you can visit the Museum Library to see a display of Chinese and Japanese manuscripts, books, and ephemera and on Sunday a Tai Chi Demonstration happens in the morning among other attractions. The event will happen on September 19-20.

For more info click here: AM

Lasar Segall Museum, in Brazil reopens after reconstruction


The Museu Lasar Segall/Ibram in São Paulo, Brazil was reopened last Saturday (September 12th) after an intense makeover of its structure, including lights, security and decoration. The reconstruction was possible due to the investment from Fundo Nacional de Cultura (FNC) and Petrobras. The changes also include the reopening of the local cinema theatre and the art studio.

To know more about the museum click here: MG

Help Amigo Joven to decide their new logo with one click

log1 log2 log3log4log5
Amigo Joven – Asociación Amigos del Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, in Argentina is deciding which one of the freshly designed logos will be the new official one of the association. In order to do just that, they opened it for public opinion so like the one you fancied the most here: FB

Costume gala fundraising dinner for Friends of National Museum of Fine Arts

costume party 3 costume party 2costume party

The Annual Gala of the Friends of the National Fine Arts Museum was held on Monday the 7th at La Rural, in Buenos Aires City.The event is organised by the WFFM (World Federation of Friends of Museums) and the money foundrised will be donated for museums and members of the organization in order to enhance the quality of their workspace and management.

Canandian Museums Association National Conference of 2016 will happen in Nova Scotia


The Canandian Museums Association National Conference of 2016 will be set in Halifax, Nova Scotia, from April 11 to 15. The event offers full-day workshops with a variety of subjects concerning the challenges and debates on museums, art and innovations on the area.

Some of the topics discussed will be “An Introduction to Questionnaire Design for Visitor Surveys” , ” The Road to Intangible Cultural Heritage”, Inspiring Museum Social Media solutions”, among other pertinent matters on the subject.

For more info on the event, click the link: CNA