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Asociación Amigos del Museo’s award goes to Julieta Barderi


Julieta Barderi won the Asociación Amigos del Museo (member of WFFM) award for the second time for her artwork “A Cabra”. Click the link to know more: FB


The Museu Oriente hosts hunting with hawks exhibition


The Museu Oriente (member of the WFFM), in Lisboa hosts an unique exhibition that explores the art of hunting with hawks through 180 objects and artworks, crossing over sixteen hundred years and several continents ,since the Great Khan empire to modern day Europe. The exhibition is available until November 19. Click the link to know more: FAM

News portal R7 releases exclusive information on “2ª Rodada de Conhecimento” researches

Feambra logo rodada

R7 News released exclusive information provided by research efforts by Feambra (member of the WFFM in Brazil) during the lectures held on the event “2ª Rodada de Conhecimento”, which happened on October 21. The discussed theme was “Successful cases and difficulties of the area and continuing the discussion about the importance of the association through workshops.

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“Os tempos e as distâncias: tudo tão perto, tudo tão longe”


The MNF joined the Arquivo Municipal de Seia in the 18th edition of Jornadas Históricas, this year under the theme “Time and Distances: So close and yet so far”, which happens from 12 to 14 November, in the auditorium of the Casa da Cultura, in Portugal.

Alongside the Conference, the event will feature an exhibition that includes several pieces from the Museu Nacional Ferroviário (National Railway Museum) that can be seen right the auditorium at  the Casa da Cultura.

Click the link for more info: FAM

Çanakkale – Road to peace out of war


These photographs will be exposed until April 26, 2016. They commemorate the 100thanniversary of the Battle of Çanakkale, also known as the Gallipoli Campaign.

The exhibition content has been created by the Turkish Government and has been made available to Auckland Museum through a collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in New Zealand.

In late 1914, the Ottoman Empire joined Germany and the other Central Powers in the First World War. The following year, the Turkish nation sent its troops to defend the Strait of Çanakkale, known to the Allies as the Dardanelles. The ensuing battles, fought on land and sea, continued for almost a year, with the Turkish troops providing unexpected resistance.

Inspired by the astute leadership of Lt. Col. Mustafa Kemal and others, the Turks forced the evacuation of the Allied Forces in December 1915, proving a major turning point in the First World War. But it came at a terrible cost, with more than 500,000 casualties on both sides.

As we commemorate the battle, we remember all soldiers who acted with dignity, gallantry and humanity. Instead of bitterness, the legacy of war forged an enduring and unique friendship between Turkey and New Zealand as well as a lasting yearning for peace.

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Pacific Heritage Arts Fono happens in Auckland Museum


On October 22-24 , in association with Creative New Zealand, the inaugural national Pacific Heritage Arts Fono will provide a forum for heritage artists and museums professionals to gather, share, and exchange their knowledge and experiences.

The Fono will include presentations by master artists working in a wide range of mediums from carving, weaving, tivaivai / tīvaevae, crochet, drumming, ukulele and nose flute, to oratory and cultural protocols involving material wealth such as tapa cloth and fine mats. These artists will also lead workshops and demonstrations relating to their art forms.

Click here to know more: AM

Unique Silver Handling Day in the Hunt Museum happens on November 7

Silver Portrait Medal (1646) of Murrough O運rien, 1st Earl of Inchiquin.

Unique Silver Handling Day in the Hunt Museum spans 4 centuries of History

Saturday 7th November 2015 .  10am to 4.30pm in the Hunt Museum

On Saturday 7th November a unique assembly of rare silver pieces, kindly lent for the day by private and public collectors will be on display at the Hunt Museum, in Limerick. The silver items that participants will be handling will show the changes in craft, design and the beauty in ornamentation down through four centuries of silver making.  Most of the pieces will be of significant importance in portraying our political, military, industrial and social history from before the time of the Cromwellian invasion

There will be four handling sessions throughout the day, two in the morning and two in  the  afternoon,  with objects being studied in four separate categories; Presentation and Ceremonial Silver, Dublin Silver, Limerick Silver, and other Provincial Silver.  Each participant will partake in each of the separate categories throughout the day, rotating between the categories.  Experts will be on hand to facilitate the handling of these objects and to relate the provenance, very special history and fascinating stories attached to each of these rare pieces which span over four centuries of history.   Refreshments will be served in between the handling sessions.

An example of the unique pieces on display on the day is an extremely rare and very fine Silver Portrait Medal (1646) of Murrough O’Brien, 1st Earl of Inchiquin.   Other Limerick pieces of interest include a ceremonial trowel for laying the foundation stone in Limerick Floating Docks (1849) and spoons with the crest of the clothier, Peter Tait.  The Silver Freedom Box for ‘Sexton Pery’ MP for Limerick and speaker of the House of Parliament in Dublin will also be on show

Included also are two tankards: The  Day Tankard (circa 1710), by Robert Gobbell which includes the coat of arms of the Day family from Cork  and is accompanied by a photograph of the tankard, taken by Robert Day, the well-known collector of Irish artefacts and silver, at his auction in 1886(lot 15) and The ‘Hartwell Tankard’, owned by Rev Barry Hartwell, rector of Kilmurray Church whose father was killed in the Battle of Landen in Belgium in 1693, fighting opposite Patrick Sarsfield who was killed in the same battle.  This is only a small sample of the interesting items that will be available to participants on the day.

In between the handling sessions Mr John Bowen will give a talk on provincial Silver.  John is an internationally recognized expert on provincial Silver and has lectured to the Silver Society in London.  He organised and sponsored the Cork and Limerick Silver Exhibitions for which he produced the two publications; ‘Cork Silver and Gold – Four Centuries of Craftsmanship’ and ‘A Celebration of Limerick Silver’

Entry costs €70 which includes 4 handling sessions and the talk by John Bowen on Provincial Silver.

Lunch at the Hunt Cafe and morning and afternoon coffee breaks are also included.

Booking is essential as numbers are limited to 40 participants.   Further information is available from 061-312960 or email

Edmund Sexton Perry Silver- Gilt Freedom Box

Lunchtime Lecture  “Perspectives on Provincial”

Saturday 7th November at 12.30pm in the Hunt Museum

Speaker:  Mr John Bowen

Tickets for €10 / Friends of the Hunt Museum €5

This lecture can be booked separately to the Silver Handling Event but places are limited.

In this slide presentation we shall consider the extent of the goldsmiths’ and silversmiths’ trade in provincial Ireland from early times, through the Georgian period and up to our own day. We shall look at Cork silver and also at some Limerick items as well as considering some examples from places such as Waterford, Clonmel, Galway, Kinsale and Youghal.  A particularly interesting part of the lecture will be the telling of one or two interesting historical stories behind some pieces. The lecture will assume that attendees have a good level of interest without detailed knowledge and it is hoped that it may contribute to a growth of fascination with the subject amongst new and existing collectors and scholars.

John Bowen is an internationally recognized expert on provincial Silver and has lecture to the silver society in London.  He organised and sponsored the Cork and Limerick Silver Exhibitions for which he produced the two publications; ‘Cork Silver and Gold – Four Centuries of Craftsmanship’ and ‘A Celebration of Limerick Silver’
The Silver Handling /session and the Silver Lecture will be held in honour of the late Dr John McCormack who was a dedicated and tireless docent doing valuable work in the Museum and whose knowledge of silver made him a generous source of information for students researching silver.  

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FADAM’s contest “Juegos De Niños De Ayer Y De Hoy” annouces winners


La Federación Argentina de Amigos de Museos (FADAM), member of the WFFM,  announces the winning schools of the contest FADAM SCHOOL – Banco Galicia 2015 “Juegos De Niños De Ayer Y De Hoy”, in which a total of 79 art papers were received, representing 17 provinces and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Click the link to check out the winners: FB

“Sarah Cain: The Imaginary Architecture of Love” at the Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh


Until January 3 the Contemporary Art Museum in Raleigh, North Carolina hosts the “Sarah Cain: The Imaginary Architecture of Love” exhibition which features one single painting spanning the walls and floors of the 4,000-square-foot museum.

Click here for more info: AN

Museu Nacional de Arqueologia in Lisboa hosts virtual reconstruction documentary of the city


On October 10 at 16:00 p.m the Museu Nacional de Arqueologia (member of the WFFM) hosts the documentary “Fundeadouro Romano em Olisipo – O porto de Lisboa em época romana”, a film by Raul Losada, which presents a fresh 3D virtual reconstruction of Lisboa in Roman times and take us back in time in an incredible journey.

Click the link for more info: FP