Arquivo mensal: novembro 2015

Check out the video of the AAMNBA party for “Amigo Joven” in Argentina

AAMNBA – Asociación Amigos del Museo Nacional De Bellas Artes (member of the WFFM in Argentina) celebrates “Amigo Joven” with memorable party! Click to see the video:

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Museum Gurvich’s inauguration happens in Montevideo


Inauguración del Museo Gurvich en Montevideo. Felicitaciones a todos los que hicieron posible que se abra este espacio.

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Museo Gurvich shares updates about the museum


Cada vez más cerca! A 48hrs de la inauguración les adelantamos un pedacito de mural para que vean como va quedando!

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Fundação Oriente Museu hosts exhibitions about Asian culture

“O oriente em tradução: línguas, literaturas e cultura asiática no espaço luso” is an event that will be hosted by the Fundação Oriente Museu (member of the WFFM in Portugal), which gathers two unique exhibitions about the asian culture: on November 26 “Three Kinds of Orientalism – and Cultural Translation” by  Harish Trivedi and on November 27 “The missionaries’ contribution of Portuguese colonial linguistic documentation to translation studies: The case of Japan and Vietnam” by Otto Zwartjes.

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Meeting of the Comitê Gestor do Sistema Brasileiro de Museus happened this week


This week the national meeting of the Comitê Gestor do Sistema Brasileiro de Museus and GT de Museus do CNPC happened on Wednesday 18 in Brasília. Among the participants there are: President of the committee Carlos Brandão, Eneida Braga Rocha de Leomos (Ibram), Dr. Eliana Sartori, Simone Flores, Luiz Mizukani e Gustavo Horta (Feambra).

FADAM publishes new edition of online magazine

FADAM (member of WFFM in Argentina) releases new edition of online magazine with an amazing compilation of exhibitions, reunions, awards and fresh news. Click the link to read the complete version of the publication:

Sur Global- Bienal Internacional De Arte De La UNASUR


You’re invited to the first event organized by Bienal Internacional De Arte De La UNASUR that will happen on November 20 starting at 10 a.m at the top of Kirchner Cultural Center, in Argentina! For further information click the link:
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Jornada Anual Internacional FADAM 2015

FADAM International Annual Conference 2015 happened this week in Argentina with social meeting, workshops and museum visits. Check out some of the photos:

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“Forms of Brazil” by Aliança Francesa


The exhibition “Forms of Brazil” will happen in São Paulo, hosted by the French school “Aliança Francesa” with the special guest Antonio Curia. The artist will talk about the unique images captured by him of landscapes from the country. Click the link for more info:

AAMNBA hosts AE2015 in Argentina

AAMNBA (member of the WFFM) hosted a unique art exposition (AE2015) at a beautiful space for all who came to the fair. Check out the details on video at: